The Legend of Croe

Croeheart von Schlegel is a self-taught photographer, writer, and creator who, as a boy, nurtured his love of nature while wandering the wild forests and lakes of northern Minnesota.  He spent countless hours out amongst the wild things searching for hidden creations of wonder and chasing the fleeting moments of light, shadow, color, shape, and dream.   He developed an early interest in writing stories and photography, crafting words of imagination from the surrounding phenomena and snapping photos to capture the essence of the natural world around him.  

After spending a couple of years in college chasing journalism photography, his wanderlust kicked in and he enlisted with the USAF as a Combat Control Specialist to go jump out of perfectly good aircraft and then on to work as an Avionics Specialist working on the F-111 Fighter Bomber.  He currently lives in Eagle, Idaho and spends most of his free time out searching for those ephemeral moments in nature and the artwork contained therein.




Artist Statement

When I am out on my many vagarious treks through the assorted landscapes, I diligently search for the hidden artwork of nature.   I seem to be attracted to the unusual patterns, shapes, or colors that allow my imagination to run free.  I work very hard on developing my vision and spend many hours seeking the unique perspectives of nature that will hopefully bring a sense of awe or some quiet serenity to a home or business, maybe even a smile.  My goal is to give everyone a glimpse into how I see the world, a peek into my inner imaginings.  Also, to help develop an admiration of all that is around us, from the grand vistas with angry, roiling clouds to the little things in nature like a butterfly-shaped lichen that seem to go unnoticed.


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